Jones Berkeley Apartments

GC: Johnstone Moyer Inc.


Located in West Berkeley, this projects consists of a Five story, 62-foot mixed-use building with 170 residential units including 11 townhouses, nearly 11,000 square feet of commercial space, 179 vehicle parking spaces and 184 spots for bikes. O’Kane Structural Steel is currently fabricating and installing structural steel at the storefront and elevators as well as balcony railings, canopies, planter boxes and other courtyard metals.


Structural Steel including elevator, storefront steel and lounge area steel framing

Misc. metals including design build metals stairs, balcony railings, roof railings, EBM tiebacks, metal planters, courtyard fencing and gates.

BOK Modern sunshades, awnings, balcony railings and security gates.


1500 San Pablo, Berkeley, CA 94702

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